As an artist, I have been thinking about climate change and the different ways its effects can be made more tangible in an imaginative way. The past few months, I started dipping my toe in virtual and augmented realities as new platforms for the ideas that are too big and expensive to realize in real-world settings.

I’m inspired by the work of earth/ecological/environmental artists—like Richard Serra, Maya Lin, Robert Smithson—and their ability to reconnect us to nature. For this project, I wanted to explore and isolate the tension between land and atmosphere. Using the game engine Unity, I created a virtual “installation,” made of large fragments of glass intended to be stand-ins for suspended rain drops—to show both the fragility and violence of nature.

All together they take the shape of a typhoon or bagyo as it is called in the Philippines. In the “game” you are dropped in the eye of it, and can wander around it like you would a landscape or a large-scale sculpture.

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